Our Mission Statement

Cascadia Construction & Plumbing is dedicated to successfully bringing our customers' visions to life. We strive to ensure our customers' satisfaction and loyalty by exceeding their expectations with transparent communication and a team of highly responsible craftsmen dedicated to their craft.

Home designer creating a blueprint

Exceed Customers Expectations:

We make every extra effort beyond “good enough” to ensure the project’s success and a rewarding experience for our clients.

Transparent Communication:

We communicate in a clear, open, and direct way in language that is understandable and as positive as possible. We share complete information and facts and we are open to feedback.


We keep our personal and professional commitments and promises, and we adhere to Cascadia’s core values as well as our own.

“Do what you say, say what you do.”

Personal Accountability:

Doing the job the right way, not the easy way.

Client Satisfaction and Profits:

We contribute to both client satisfaction and profitability through strong teamwork and excelling at our craft.

“Taking time to be the best and do the best.”