A Tale of Two Bathrooms

 -Two Bathroom Remodels -

Master Bathroom:  We took a small outdated bathroom with closed-in dark shower and opened it up with a bright and light feel to enlarge the sense of space.

Hallway Bathroom: We updated this  bathroom from the original 1960’s to a more modern look.

Remodeled Master Bathroom - View from outside the door

Master Bathroom

We kept classic details that pay homage to the history of the home, using modern easy to maintain materials. Here you can see that we moved the doorway and  installed a sliding barn door to create more space.

Master Bathroom Remodel - View of Sink and Shower Door

Master Bathroom: Vanity

To brighten up the space - we opened up the shower and added recessed lighting.  We were able to refinished existing cabinetry while adding a new countertop. 

Master Bathroom Remodel - New Shower With Adjustable Showerhead

Master Bathroom: Shower

Formerly a closed-in dark shower is opened up with a spacious feel and modern fixtures.  We added large format tiles and a custom tile floor.

Hallway Bathroom

The homeowners wanted to update this hallway bathroom from its original 1960's look and give it a more modern feel.

Hallway Bathroom Remodel - New Sink & Countertop & Vanity

Hallway Bathroom

A refinished vanity, new countertop, tile floor and updated lighting brightens up this formerly dark 1960's era bathroom.

Hallway Bathroom Remodel - New sink, new fixture and tile backsplash

Hallway Bathroom: New Look

The new countertop and fixture, coupled with a custom tile backsplash gives this vanity a contemporary look.

Hallway Bathroom Remodel - New tub with tile walls and new adjustable shower fixture

Hallway Bathroom: Tub & Surround

The refinished bathtub with new tub surround completes the look.  New fixtures and a sleek adjustable showerhead add a modern touch.

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